We need all the help we can get!

Luckily, Brian knows numerous talented folks in Huntsville with applicable skills relevant to our 1970 Airstream project. One of his friends agreed to cut custom frame outriggers for our new frame using his fancy CNC plasma cutting table. While Airstream still sells the standard outriggers through its dealer network, our custom frame is utilizing a more robust frame design than the factory originally built in 1970. Brian chose to not cut corners and use these stock parts, but to have the custom outriggers built to match the updated frame design.

The upside to custom work is that our Airstream will be unique and custom built to our needs. The downside is that often custom work adds extra days and money to a project such as this. But, Brian wouldn't have it any other way. He's a creative soul who thinks outside the box. Our goal is to develop and build a purpose built Airstream, incorporating modern technology, design and amenities.

It's okay and healthy to ask for help. There is no possible way that a single human is capable of doing everything. Besides, asking for help is just another way of building partnerships.