Change is hard. Change is good. 


After sitting in our backyard in Denver for nearly two years, our 1970 Airstream was itching for attention, change and to be on the road again. Well, it was in luck! Fall of 2016 we officially decided to take the plunge and go for our big dream of split living in Northern Alabama and the mountains of Colorado. Leaving my home of 20 years was bittersweet. Denver watched me become a woman and experience highs and lows that I never knew existed. While a resident of Denver, I lived in 12 different neighborhoods, making me someone marked for change and someone who is okay with change. In fact my name means "a new beginning.”


And so we all three began our new life. It might seem strange that we made such an effort to get our Airstream from Alabama to Colorado (read blog post entitled “Determination”), only to turn around and tow it back to Alabama. But, life is never certain and it’s much like a road trip. You never know what is around the corner or who you will meet or what changes have taken place in the landscape. Life changes and so must you.