Diversity shows itself in unexpected ways.

Our 1970 Airstream is no stranger to diversity. After hanging out in the Deep South for nearly 45 years, it seemed to welcome the challenge of transitioning into urban living. It seemed to adapt well to limited space, snow and onlookers. Not once did it consider itself "trailer trash" cause it was being stored in a backyard. In fact, I think it liked living in Denver and meeting all of our friends. And on many occasion, it lent itself as a photography studio. It seemed everyone wanted their photo taken inside and with the Airstream. Although not yet pretty on the inside or outside, we are proud of our Airstream’s ability to adapt and go with the flow. You see, diversity was a key quality we needed in an Airstream. 


Not just humans emulate diversity, inanimate objects do as well! Let our Airstream be an example. Be diverse when necessary and bloom where you are planted.