Money and Time: two of the most precious resources known to mankind.

Brian has been researching and ordering a slew of things for our 1970 Airstream rebuild project: wheels, tires, frame parts, holding tanks, plumbing system…


Yes, money seems to be flying out the door left and right. Very soon we will be Airstream poor, but it will be worth it! This Airstream is our symbol of faith and represents exploration. It is a sign of admiration for the engineering genius of Brian’s grandpa and family.


Last but not least, this Airstream is our future home. We were once traditional homeowners, nestled in a cozy little bungalow in a blossoming neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. We recently left Denver and the status quo and decided to pursue our dream of living in two states: Alabama and Colorado. The idea that we can literally drive our home to a new space is liberating!  

Freedom is so worth the cost. 

It all costs money. Not a darn thing comes cheap. The investment–whether it be money, time or both–must be made. If you are alive, you are spending money and using time. And this is how we choose to spend both, and we are over the moon!

When it comes to chasing your dream, don’t ever let anyone bash what you know to be good for you. This is YOUR life…invest your heart out, carefully use your resources and live.