I must say the recent reunion with our SpaceYacht in Huntsville was a little sweet and a little sour.

When I first saw it from a distance, I was filled with a burst of happiness.

Up close, I started to compare it to our other Airstream (yet to be named), which is in way better shape.

For the first time, I saw it as horribly flawed and I felt a little less enamored.

Shame on me!

Yes, the thing was beat to shit when we bought it. But back then it didn’t matter, because it was all ours. And we had finally taken a step toward realizing our dream.

Have I shifted my attention and admiration to what is prettier?

How can I be so easily swayed? For isn’t it the potential that should thrill me?

The history and grit of the SpaceYacht should hold my attention. For the love of God and mankind, the thing housed Katrina survivors and survived the ravages of the Deep South.

It deserves my respect and unwavering admiration.

Comparing never does one good.

And flaws and wounds should be symbols of strength and tenacity, not signs of weakness or ugliness.

Now that I have put my shallowness into check, I once again am reminded why we came to be the owners of the SpaceYacht.

It is a reminder that although life can be hard, there is great hope for renewal and restoration.

A new story can unfold and all the hardships of the past will only make for a more meaningful today and future.

Don’t ever let the scars of a broken soul keep you from connecting and forging ahead.

Grasp and learn from the brokenness, whether it be someone else’s or yours.