You don't know what you don't know.


And sometimes you know that you don't know. 

We know if push came to shove, we could use the Lunar Overlander as a big metal tent.

But knowing what we know about life and ourselves, that's not good enough.

We still need to inspect all the systems (water, propane and so on) and update as necessary.

Some of this is outside our "know" wheelhouse. 

I do believe the time has come for us to ask around to those who know what they know, so we can talk about what we do not know. 

All I know is that it will all get done eventually. 

My point is: It's okay to not know everything about everything. If we all believed that complete knowledge was necessary for everything we do in life, not much would get done. 

Learning along the way is not always smooth or fun, but it sure does grow us and show us.  

The best way to combat the lack of knowledge is to stop talking about the lack of knowledge and get to asking and learning. 

There will come a time when we know what we know.