“I’m busy.” 

How many times have you heard this expression in your lifetime? How many times have you said it?

Brian and I say it to one another frequently, mostly in jest. We say it when we are brushing our teeth, drooling over our iPhones, and while lost in outer space.

They say there's a good kind of debt and a bad kind of debt. I think the same goes for busyness. There's a good kind of busy and a bad kind of busy. For the first time in a long while, it feels like our busy life is the best kind of busy, at least for us. We are no longer "working for the man," chained to a desk or trying to jam our beings into a restricted, corporate box. We are busy bees, tackling projects and tasks that uniquely impact our future, feed our creative beast and empower us to be us.

We are not superior or inferior because of this busyness that is intentionally targeted at what we want and need. We are just simply doing our best to be productive. We are happily (except for when we get tired and cranky) rebuilding our Airstream "SpaceYacht," blogging about our Airstream journey, masterminding a way to market our SpaceYacht, working remotely/contracting for pay, spending time with friends and family and so on.

All that to say, whatever "floats your boat" (or travel trailer), bask in the delicious fact that you are driving your energy into that positive space that is meant for you and not others or "the man." 

"Amen," brothers and sisters, for those of you who are happily busy! For those of you who might be miserably busy, God bless and keep you…there is probably a really good reason for it.