"The devil is in the detail." 

Brian removing Airstream screens from frames for restoration

According to Wikipedia this expression means that something might seem simple at a first glance, but will take more time and effort to complete than expected. It derives from the earlier phrase "God is in the detail," expressing the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly.

Brian has discovered an incredible amount of detail since we first bought our 1970 Airstream. With vintage comes charm. With this type of charm comes repair. With repair comes details galore. There are many minute things that need attention: rivets, window cranks, panel thickness...

Inferior repairs by a previous owner of our 1970 Airstream
Removal of rusted window cranks on our 1970 Airstream

To ignore those details would be a mistake. One of the previous owners took shortcuts and in some spots used screws instead of rivets. No bueno...this can lead to leaks, and no one wants a leak in his/her Airstream space capsule.

In a nutshell (or Airstream shell), details are important. Don't ever underestimate the power of the devil or the details. For in the details, there is life.