Initially we had anticipated gutting and towing a blank slate back to Colorado to build over time. However, upon further examination it was determined the scope of our project would require more steps than anticipated. Unbeknownst to us, a crucial portion of the frame was nearly rusted through, forcing us to face the realization that we would need to have a new frame constructed from scratch. As luck would have it, our time in Alabama quickly came to an end and we were forced to make a difficult decision. A last minute decision prompted us to baton down the hatches and transport our "project" back to Colorado.


How in the world do you tow a completely gutted vintage Airstream? How do you tow any type of travel trailer that does not have a floor? Is it possible to tow an Airstream that has been stripped to a mere shell on a rusted and compromised frame? 

Well, start by building a temporary floor and constructing some kind of wooden brace extravaganza! Yes, Brian did all that (and then some) in the spring of 2015. He did so because he is a total brainiac from a rocket scientist family, and he was determined our freshly gutted 1970 Airstream would safely arrive in Colorado. Without the shell securely attached to its frame, it would have flown off as soon as we reached high speeds on the highways and interstates.


Prior to the long road trip across the country, we towed the Airstream around town with our Toyota Land Cruiser. I must admit that even though I was confident in Brian’s design, I still had dreadful visions of the Airstream self destructing in front of our very eyes. I had vivid flashes of it projecting itself into mid air and bashing into other cars and such. Well, none of that happened. We successfully dodged tornadoes and severe thunderstorms, arriving in Denver with no mishaps.

How in the world do you do anything that seems like it can’t be done? Find the best resources available, use your brain and don’t give up.