We have been named dirtbags, gypsies, vagabonds, hippies, “interesting” people, souls with fuzzy focus, wanderers,…


We are fine with all labels; after all, these are simply labels. A label about others is a name that others want for clarity about their own identity. We all have our place in this world and beyond, into the great black hole.


We appreciate all of you. Each of you brings a magical bit into a world that is sometimes not always magical. What would we do if this planet did not host assertive creatures on Wall Street or passionate artists in the desert or spirited guides in the mountains or intellectual explorers in space or…?

There is a bit of “dirtbag” in all of us, I believe. It’s not a slam; it’s a juicy compliment. We all have an urge to escape our everyday clean surroundings. And even dirtbags have an urge to escape the dirt and earth underneath their fingernails.

Whether you are an adventurer, explorer, business guru or all three or none of the above, just know we are just like you and you are just like us. We are each unique, yet incredibly the same. 

I love how it all works together to bring a bit of magic to planet earth, outer space and that black hole that may just lead to Heaven. I love to love the interesting and different. At the end of the horizon, we love the incredibly lost AND the incredibly found. 

So, “dirt” and clean yourself and smile that you have a label and a place.