Dreams come true when you make them come true.

In 2009 we were married in Denver, Colorado, and the idea of split living certainly was not on the horizon. Over the years we began to talk about a dream life of residing in quieter spaces near both our families. We charted our master plan on a piece of paper and taped it to the inside of the pantry door. The diagram included major steps and tasks necessary for realizing this dream. As each step was taken, we checked it off. After much research and discussion, we bit the bullet and checked off one of the more major aspects necessary for securing this type of lifestyle.   


January 2015 we purchased a 1970 Airstream Trade Wind! This particular Airstream was holed up in Pearl River, Louisiana, and had been occupied by at least one Hurricane Katrina survivor. Since the time of that natural disaster, it was abandoned, neglected and deeply rooted in the Deep South, waiting for someone to rescue it.

Owning an Airstream was the key component to our mobility, and Brian has always admired its iconic design and durability. Not just any travel trailer would do, it had to be an Airstream! If it was good enough for NASA, it is good enough for us!

It sure doesn’t hurt to write down your goals. Imprinting your dreams on a piece of paper is a form of accountability. And don’t ever expect someone else or a fairy to magically materialize your hopes and dreams. You and only you can make your dreams happen.