Our 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser had a persistent exhaust issue until just a month ago. The beast traveled through years of laboring through its own version of smog, as it chugged up mountain passes and through the plains of Colorado, and across the United States again and again.

We know how the Land Cruiser feels. You may too. And now that I think about it, our vintage Airstream “SpaceYacht” can also relate.

The SpaceYacht was oh-so-tired and weary when we found it. The thing had housed Hurricane Katrina survivors and many other souls from the past. It had weathered the humidity and rainfall of The Deep South. So, we rescued the poor little Airstream…well, we hope we rescued it. 


Our SpaceYacht Airstream is presently waiting patiently in Huntsville, Alabama, for Brian to continue his mastery in rebuilding it from scratch. Meanwhile, we are touring a state we call home, Colorado. Although the exploration through the mountains and the desert has been a bit exhausting at times, our mission has been peppered with smiles and fun and awe at the sheer magnificence of our glorious state.

Exhaustion from the elements is a game changer and “the real deal.” Sometimes the feeling of exhaust-ion is not a simple fix, much like the exhaust stuff on our Land Cruiser. The good thing about being tired and broken: You know you are alive. If you are tired, you are not dead! 


Exhaustion ebbs and flows and needs to be nipped in the bud. If it is ignored, life can get smoggy. But in the fog, happiness is visible on the horizon. It truly is. We must all believe it is. When we stop believing, exhaustion cripples us. So believe, and see through the fog.