Exit stage right. Exit through those doors.  


We exited Colorado nearly a year ago, and now we are back. We left the big cow town of Denver and are presently somewhat settled in Salida. In Spanish, Salida means “exit.” 

Why in the world would anyone want to exit Salida? We have wanted to live here for the duration of our marriage, eight years.


Salida is a small mountain town (in one of the most beautiful states in America) with scrumptious eateries, memorable coffee shops, awesome breweries, fabulous shopping, vibrant art galleries, kick-ass mountain biking and hiking trails, a river that runs through downtown and deer that act like the town pets. And, there are 14,000-foot mountains (“14ers”), sand dunes, ghost towns and hot springs within a short drive. On a side note: If you are into this sort of thing, there is talk that alien life form exists near our now “exit” town. So intriguing and kooky, don't you think?

I know I sound like an advertisement for Salida and Colorado, but I can’t help myself. One thing I have learned the past year is that you can’t take the Colorado out of the Colorado girl. It’s hard to compete with the feeling and power of home. Our other home, Alabama is absolutely charming and 100% pretty, and filled with outdoorsy delight, but it’s not HOME home for me. It’s uncomfortable to admit that, mainly because the idea of split living was mine from the get go.


All that to say, we are still vagabonds in our minds and hearts, and still plan to finish the rebuild of our 1970 Airstream (currently in Alabama). So, we are determined to re-enter Alabama whenever time, schedules and such allow.

Sometimes one has to exit stage right and re-enter stage left. Sometimes one has to exit through the doors to experience new lands and then circle back to what’s familiar and cozy. Sometimes one has to keep exiting until there are no more exits. Sometimes one is obliged to never exit. 

Whether you are exiting or entering, be true to yourself. Be true to where and what you call “home.” For in this lifetime, once you truly exit (die), it’s imperative that you lived fully and boldly made those tough and timely decisions to enter and/or exit.