"Overlanding" / "Dirtbag" Living Reality Check*


Dirt, dust, baby wipes, smelly laundry, melted ice, cramped space....and too much stuff. We aren't a glamour shot...but seekers of authentic experiences and adventures.

Don't believe the social media hype that you have to have a $100K rig set-up to experience the world. Most of those rigs are mall crawlers that live at Starbucks. Bring what ya got. There are many things I'd like to change or upgrade, but we've lived in and out of our 1997 Toyota FZJ80 Land Cruiser all summer.

It sure ain't pretty, and the disorder is driving me nuts...but we've seen a ton, worked all over, argued a bit, worn out some bits, experienced a lot and visited with many people we know and have missed…not done yet! 

Next year we launch the SpaceYachting Airstream!

*See previous post - "Dirt".