Gutting an Airstream takes guts, for what is undone must be done again. 

We had no choice but to gut our 1970 Airstream. Missing over half of its windows, the interior had been ravaged by exposure to Louisiana’s humidity and rainfall, which then in turn yielded mold and rot. Two months after our Huntsville friends graciously retrieved our vintage Airstream from the Deep South, Brian traveled from Denver to Huntsville to begin phase one of rehab: gutting. In March of 2015, Brian and his dad did the dirty work and found some interesting tokens in the process. To name a few, they discovered condoms (unused), amusing matchbooks and a petrified baby alligator.


Gutting anything is nasty work and you never know what you are going to find. Whether you are gutting an Airstream, a house, your life or all of the above, be sure to bring the muscle, a strong stomach, appropriate safety gear and fierce determination. For once it is undone, there is no going back.