Everyone writes about love. I don’t mean to be cliché, but I felt compelled to do so, especially given the season.


Love is the driving force behind our desire to live in Colorado and Alabama. Our families live in these states and we want to stay connected. And the Airstreams are the tools that will make this unusual lifestyle a reality. 

Love deeply connects one thing to another and one human to another. 

Last year my dad died and that changed everything in an instant. My world turned bleak. Everything I have always known became uncertain. I knew in my gut it was time for Brian and me to pursue our dream of split living. I just couldn’t stand another moment of not doing what we had talked about doing for years.

That connection to my dad drove us to action. He was there one minute, gone the next. We don’t have a guarantee for tomorrow. I’m not sure why any of us wait and wait to do what we need to do. 

Since the passing of my father, I know without a doubt that love is the most powerful force. I know that love is more important than anything. Love shapes us. Love moves us. Love connects us. 

As we inch closer and closer to Christmas, it is not the gifts I desire, but rather connectivity. I crave a sense of closeness and comfort. I crave family. I crave the most powerful thing on earth—Love. 

If I could bring back my dad, I certainly would. I love him dearly and claw at anything that connects me to him. 

Loss makes us look at what we have. Loss makes us connect intimately to what is in front of us.

I stand here today to tell you that I love my husband and everything he has done for me and for our dream. Brian is the real deal. He thinks outside the box and is a seeker of adventure. And most importantly, he too wants to stay connected to what is important. 

He too understands the power of love.