Look at my husband welding weld nuts to the outriggers for our SpaceYachting frame!

Seriously, the man has done a lot on the SpaceYacht since we bought it back in 2015. It’s really quite sexy that he has jumped into such a massive undertaking.

Going into this project, he had to research and learn step-by-step.

He didn’t know how to build a frame, but he’s doing it. He’s not a welder, but he’s doing it.

Brian is quite the project manager. He chose key people and companies in Alabama to provide expertise in welding, fabrication and so on.

We want to thank our main partner, Fusion Works Fabrication.

Anyway, back to Brian.

The SpaceYacht has changed him for the better.

I recognize that this journey has been challenging, which makes him even more sexy than sexy.

Dropping fear and apprehension is attractive. Taking on something bigger than yourself is eye-catching.

Being sexy is not just about what you wear or how you carry yourself, it’s about grit, determination and the willingness to get your hands dirty.

With that, Brian, thank you for your sexy grit.

And to you the reader, push through the apprehension. Fight the fear. Get out there and be sexy!