Spring cleaning with a twist is how we spent part of our Memorial Day weekend.

We didn’t scrub our tile floor or go through our closet. Nope.

We cleaned and checked the heck outta our 1972 Lunar Overlander Airstream.

It has been needing some deep cleaning. There was lots of grit and goo from years of sitting in my hometown, Lamar, CO. And I’m sure the continual high winds in Poncha Springs (where we reside now, outside Salida, CO) have blown in some dirt bits.

We removed unnecessary gadgets and tested the electrical system and the components that run off electricity.

The electrical system is a go! The lights, air conditioner and water pump work. Party!

We are still trying to figure out what’s up with the vintage Dometic refrigerator. It runs off electricity or propane, and apparently it's not gonna chill or freeze from the electric source. 

Next time: propane check and much more.

Anyhoo, all that to say, we don’t necessarily love spring cleaning, but we sure do love making progress on our future abode.

Hope you had a super duper Memorial Day weekend, and may the rest of your spring be clean and bright.