Not one, but two Airstreams.

We recently and happily grasped at the opportunity to purchase the 1972 Airstream Overlander from a dear soul in my old hood in Lamar, Colorado. 


Life is funny. We asked about the Overlander three years ago and my former neighbors were not ready to sell. So, we tucked our tails between our legs and looked elsewhere. That’s how we ended up with the Trade Wind (“SpaceYacht”) from the Deep South.

We have lots of ideas and dreams on how to use both, whether it be for our own residential comfort or as a long-term investment. 


We hope not just the sky is the limit, but outer space is the limit. 

The first Airstream will get completed some time before we die, but for now we are prioritizing the second Airstream as it is a far cry closer to being habitable than the first. It came mold and rust free, which is a glorious start. And the lights work!

Next up: testing of the plumbing, propane and other gadgets and appliances.  

The idea that the Overlander will be our delightful little home come summer makes me downright giddy. 


We don’t regret buying the SpaceYacht, as it has taught us much and stretched us to infinity and back.

We certainly don’t regret buying the Overlander, as we know it will teach us much and will afford us a home sooner than later. 

Two Airstreams. Who knew such a thing would happen? It still seems a little surreal, but we like the reality of it. 

All we really can do in light of the two is be grateful.

If you find yourself intentionally acquiring many of the same, look around and you will see that others have two of more of the same. In most cases, there’s a viable reason for it.  

Even if there isn’t a legitimate or healthy reason for more than one, sometimes two are more fun than one. And sometimes the second is better than the first.

Whatever you have or don’t have, learn from it. Don’t regret. Be grateful. Keep your eyes and heart open and you may just end up with what you wanted from the get go and more.