Vagabond life is vague, or I just keep telling everyone that’s the case. I’m not trying to be non-committal, dramatic or difficult, just being honest.  

Being a gypsy of sorts does not really allow for concrete plans, especially in a city that we intentionally departed. We still adore Denver in many ways, but in short bursts at a time. One price to pay for leaving the comforts of our former home is ambiguity. Sometimes we have no idea where we will be tomorrow. Well, do any of us really KNOW without a doubt where we will be tomorrow? 


Our roaming lifestyle this summer/fall has led us all over Colorado, and has afforded us road and air trips to New York, the Carolinas, Iowa, Utah, Kansas and Illinois. Quite recently Brian took a quick trip back to Alabama to regroup, assess our Airstream frame and catch up with friends and family in that neck of our woods. Alongside travel and adventure, family and friends drive us to live a purposeful life.  

Our overarching goal is to have definition beyond a carefree lifestyle. We absolutely DO want to put down roots and move a little bit away from being vague most or all of the time. Vague is exciting, but as we have discovered, it’s only thrilling when we know we have some sort of plan. Perhaps we are aiming for a middle-of-the-road life.

One never knows what’s on the other side of usual life, until he/she jumps in with all gusto. That’s what we have done! We have learned the ugly and the magical bits about dirt bagging and the mobile lifestyle. We said it once already in our blog: it’s not all glamour. But on the flip side, it’s not too confining or structured, which is absolutely incredible. Simply, it is a life we have chosen, and we are refining it one step at a time.


Yes, life can be vague whether you live in a traditional house, in your Land Cruiser, an Airstream or under a bridge. Yet, at the same time, life can blast you with an alarming and magnificent clarity. It can happen in a flash, and your life will be forever changed. 

Whether life be vague or clear, it’s not really drama, it’s truth.